Food Security Hackathon

On March 26-27, the “Expedition Hacks-LA” hackathon took place with the goal of empowering creative teams of hackers to show how geospatial information can be used to better model, visualize, and monitor the nexus between food security and regional stability. A group of students from the University of Southern California won the hackathon for their project, “Optimizing Fishery Distribution to Drought Regions“.

The Jahn Research Group at the University of Wisconsin–Madison supported the successful deployment of the hackathon. The Jahn Research Group activated its networked institutional and professional connections, including drawing on the Jahn group’s past leadership of the Agricultural Innovation Prize – the largest student-focused agricultural competition in the world – to support publicizing the hackathon and to spur participation from student teams across the country. Engagement in this support role contributed the success of this hackathon and will continue in the months to come by leveraging hacker output to inform innovative approaches.